Key Stage 1 Tuition for Ages 5-7

Our KS1 tutors are equipped for supporting young children who are finding aspects of learning difficulties in the early years. We will work out the level they are at in the following areas:

  • reading

  • writing

  • speaking and listening

  • maths

Key Stage 2 Tuition for Ages 7-11

Our tutors are able to support learning in the key stage 2 curriculum. They can also help with preparation for SATs and school entrance exams in year 6.

11+ Examination Preparation

We have experienced and qualified tutors who provide 11 plus tuition for students preparing for the eleven plus examination.

What is tested?

The content varies from school to school, but on the whole, the testing will include English and maths and with some schools choosing to test verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 

When do the examinations take place?

The examinations for independent schools usually take place at the start of the Spring term in Year 6 for entry into Year 7 the following September.